Does your Maryland home need new windows? If so, don’t feel deterred about getting replacements. This might seem like a costly improvement for your home, but new windows don’t have to break the bank. In fact, new windows can help keep your utility bills low, making them a worthwhile long-term investment. Moreover, they also add value to your home if you are considering selling in the not too distant future.

Empire Home Remodeling is a trusted, experienced, and reputable company serving all of Maryland that offers window installation service for homes of all sizes. Whether you are looking for sliding windows, bay windows, bow windows, skylight windows, or any other type of window, our team can help you choose the windows that meet your style and budget.

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Sliding Windows

Why Install Sliding Windows?

Many homeowners looking to update the windows in their home often wonder why they should go with sliding windows instead of traditional windows. Sliding windows offer a host of benefits over traditional windows, which include the following:

The only disadvantage of sliding windows is that they are not easy to clean. They do not lift and tilt inwards like traditional windows do, which means cleaning the exterior glass is not as easy to accomplish. If you are not overly concerned about cleaning, and need sliding windows because of the ease of opening and closing them, it’s time to talk to Empire Home Remodeling about window installation service for your Maryland home.

The most popular advantage of sliding windows is that they are easy to open. This is especially important for people who are older or those who have low upper-body strength. 

Leaning over furniture to open a traditional window can wreak havoc on your arms and shoulders. With sliding windows, all you have to do is slide the window open or closed. There’s no more struggling with gravity to get your windows open when there’s a nice breeze in your Maryland neighborhood.

Where Should Sliding Windows be Installed?

Sliding windows should be installed in openings that are wider than they are tall. If your home already has an opening of this kind, you should replace the current window with a sliding window when the time comes to make an upgrade. If you are having a home built and are deciding which type of windows to install, consider sliding windows for openings of this size. You will get much more natural light in any room that has sliding windows installed compared to traditional windows.

Why Choose Empire Home Remodeling?

The Empire Home Remodeling team is trusted, honest, and prides itself on providing our clients with superior work. It doesn’t matter how large or small your project is, when you schedule an appointment for window installation service with us, you will be happy with the outcome or we will make it right. We serve homeowners throughout Maryland who are looking to have new windows installed to improve utility bills, get rid of drafts, and prevent water from leaking into their homes.

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