Before calling a roofer there are a few things you should consider. A Baltimore roof replacement can ensure you and your family a sturdy place to live. Roof replacement can be expensive, so it is imperative you take the necessary precautions before jumping the gun.

Examine Current Roof

First things first. Do you actually need a new roof? If you notice any leaks you might need a Baltimore roof replacement. 

It is important to check the plywood that supports your roof. You will need to do this from the inside of your home. Inspect for soft spots, visible leaks, and or holes or uneven spots within your roof. If you notice any or all of these indicators you may want to replace them. 

Start Fresh or Layer

There are a few different methods to roof repair. One being “Layering”, and or placing new shingles overtop of the old shingles. This method is significantly cheaper and can be effective depending on conditions. There are a lot of factors that tie into a Baltimore roof replacement, seeing what best fits your needs will only make your roof replacement more seamless. 

Roofs with minimal damage and or soft spots can oftentimes be layered, opposed to a complete replacement. Roofs with significant damage and or older than 25 years old should be completely replaced. This means the plywood underneath as well as the outer shingles. 

Consider Materials

The materials your roof is composed of will greatly affect the overall pricing of your roof replacement. Generally, there are 3 common types of roof makeup. Asphalt, Concrete, and metal. Asphalt being the most inexpensive is not a bad option if you are on a budget. Though there are a few tradeoffs. 

Asphalt tends to be the least durable of the 3, that said you may have to replace shingles just after a few years. 

Concrete shingles are the most popular due to their diverse aspects and broad color grommets. 

Lastly, there are metal shingles, which are often used on modern design homes. Metal shingles will upgrade the look of your home significantly. 

When considering a Baltimore roof replacement the shingles are what will stand out, choose wisely. 

During the Repair

There are a few considerations on what you should do while your roof is being replaced. If applicable you should remove any vehicles or things directly below the roof. During the stripping of the roof nails and shingles are often swept off the roof and onto the driveway until later disposal.

You would not want nails or other debris damaging any of your property below. Also, you should consider the noise as breaking up the old roof is very noisy. 

If you have an important meeting on Monday morning, you may want to reschedule your roof repair. A Baltimore roof repair usually can be done in a day or two but always plan in an extra day for good measure. 

Upkeep of The Roof

Once your new roof is installed, it is important to keep it in good condition. Keeping your roof in good condition will ensure its longevity. Simply looking out for debris or blown-off shingles is a great start. 

Things resting on the roof can cause damage over time. Small tree branches and ice blocks are common to cause damage over time to roofs. Annual checks and cleanup should ensure your roof will last its full lifetime. 

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