One of the most common chores around the house requires you to clean out your gutters every year. Properly functioning gutters protect your home against precipitation. This moisture, over time, damages structures. Even if you have well-maintained gutters, the expectancy is set to last many years, but not forever. 

The great thing about gutters is how they tend to be out of sight and mind while performing such a heavy task. When this chore is neglected, though, issues tend to arise that can be rather costly. The Baltimore gutter replacement team at Empire Home Remodeling holds the satisfaction of each customer in the highest regard. Home improvements can be stressful and the mission of their team is to educate, answer all your questions, and use reliable tools for the best outcome.  

Experienced professionals are with you every step of the way during installation. The key question, though, is when would be the appropriate time to replace your Baltimore home gutters? Here are the signs a homeowner needs to look for:

Cracks in Your Gutters

Usually, cracks in gutters are obvious to the naked eye, but there are some that can go under the radar. Smaller cracks may only be visible during a storm. 

It is unfortunate that cracks occur because essentially, they defeat the purpose of a drain system. Common wear and tear are manageable but larger cracks likely need Baltimore gutter replacement.

Stress on The Seams of The Gutters

The seams of the gutter are where two horizontal section pieces meet. Most gutters are vulnerable in this area because the stressors of leaks and separations are common. The consequences leave much to be desired both inside and outside the house. 

When you consider Baltimore gutter replacement, you will be provided options like visual inspections, gutter tune-ups, services including, sealing, caulking, and tightening of downspouts.


Whether you believe it or not, gutter malfunctions can affect other areas of the home. The exterior siding paint can begin to peel or bubble up when you have a leaking gutter. Be sure to analyze the condition of the closest gutter because that clearly conveys a need for gutter replacement.


In comparison to peeling paint, rotting is a much bigger issue. When a gutter is unchecked and left to rot exterior elements like wood trim window sills and door jams will no longer keep out weather conditions. A drywall that is water damaged may actually be the result of a rotting gutter. Baltimore gutter replacement values quality and reliability to ensure the best products are offered to customers. 

Mildew and Mold

The reason downspouts end roughly six feet away from the home is due to the potential accumulation of moisture. If moisture is in close proximity to the home foundation, it tends to make its way into the basement or lowest level. Mildew is unhealthy and smelly. If you spot growth in an area that isn’t commonly known to have mildew it would be wise to inspect to make sure you don’t have any damaged gutters.  

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