Where you live can say a lot about how you should handle weather conditions that may affect your home. The primary focus is to have a stable and reliable Aberdeen roof over your head. Understanding your roof’s worst enemy is water will put you right on track to take preventative measures. Five of the most common ways to protect your Aberdeen roof from hail or rain damage is to:

1. Fix Leaks on Your Aberdeen Roofing

Take a look at the ceilings inside your home. Do you notice any spots dark in color? If you do then you more than likely have a leaking roof. It is important to handle that as soon as possible because if left untreated structural damage or mold growth can cause several problems.

If you are outside and you see dark patches on the roof that could also mean there is a leak. The quicker you take action to have your roof mended, the chances of hail or rain damage to your Aberdeen roof decrease significantly.

2. Keep gutters And Downspouts Clean

During heavy storms, rain can cause clogs in gutters. Leaves and branches are usually the main culprit, but there are also others including twigs and pine needles. 

When a clog occurs, water backs up and remains at a standstill thus allowing for more debris to accumulate and add more pressure on the gutter. When this happens, the backed-up water has the potential to damage your Aberdeen roofing, as well as even cause a collapse from the strain of too much water weight.

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3. Check The Flashing

Anyone new to this terminology might not have any idea what flashing is when pertaining to Aberdeen roofing for your home. 

Flashings are thin pieces of waterproofing material.  This material is responsible for preventing water from gaining access to chimneys, lights, pipes, etc.

You want to be as detail-orientated as possible when checking the flashing for any signs of loosening or corrosion. You have to see that the sealant isn’t damaged either. Experts advise that you pay close attention to the flashing that meets at a head or sidewall.

4. Check The Vents

Have a professional company, like Empire Home Remodeling, confirm that your vents are up to building codes. Keeping up with building codes can be overwhelming but no need to fear. Empire Home Remodeling is no stranger to these procedures. 

Keeping your vents up to code will serve as protection so as no rain gets into your vents and your roof. Ask that your vents are securely attached down for extra measures.

5. Roof Inspections

When you hire a professional roof contractor not only are you guaranteeing that any weak points in your roof are managed for the weather but you are also placing trust in a company with proper knowledge and equipment to get the job done safely. 

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